A 66 year old woman from Houston, Texas, who is living with her two grandkids, one night decided to help out a hopeless man and give him a place to sleep, just for the night.

She had an extra bedroom, and the weather outside was frightening, so she offered a roof over his head. Of course, he accepted. But something strange happened that night.

She Invited a Homeless Man to Sleep in her House

So, nightfall came, and everyone went to sleep. But after a while, the grandmother heard some noise. Apparently, the homeless guy, whose name was Smith, was up to something.

He was making a lot of noise, and it was 1AM, so the woman had to see what was going on. What she saw with her eyes was unbelievable!

According to the news, the homeless guy heard a bang and got out of the bed to see what was going on. He was the only one who heard the noise, no one else had woken up. At first he had thought that a burglar was trying to get in the house, but when he opened the door from the bedroom, he realized that was not the case. And luckily he reacted quickly.

There was an explosion on the attic, so the entire house was on fire. The ceiling of the bedroom of the woman was burning, and as soon as she got out of the bed to see what was going on, it collapsed on top of the bed.

Luckily she was not hurt, but was in danger, so the homeless man took her out of the house. But just as he did, he remembered that the young girls were still inside. So he got back in.

Fortunately, he saved the children in time, and they all got out of the house safe and sound. Even though the woman was living there for the last 40 years, and her house almost burned down to the ground, she and her family were all right, thanks to the homeless man, whom she gave shelter. He paid his debt towards her.

Blessings come in the most unusual way, and this is the case of one. If the woman had not invited the man and provided him with shelter, the flames from the fire would have spread fast, causing serious injuries and even death.

This is a story to remind us that what goes around, always comes back around – what you give is what you will receive