Idrissa Gueye’s Tackling Stats Make Him The New N’Golo Kante

Last season in the Premier League you could barely take a step without being tackled by N’Golo Kante. I’m pretty certain the former Leicester City midfielder felled me on the way to work at one point but he got the Dr Pepper can first so it was a fair challenge. This season though Idrissa Gueye is the man to watch.

Gueye signed for Everton from Aston Villa in the summer and he’s been bloody brilliant for the Toffees so far. Fuck knows how he was playing for Aston Villa last season and I must have been too busy focusing on how shit everyone else was to notice just how good a player he is.

His signing is starting to look like the signing of the summer for Ronald Koeman’s side. Against Middlesbrough in this evening’s 3-1 victory the 26 year old Senegalese midfielder was in fine form. His stats after the match prove just how good he was and has been all season:



That’s bloody impressive going!